[12/22/21] Comments Sought On Commissioner Districts

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

Every 10 years, following the U.S. census, counties consider redrawing the boundaries of their voting districts to reflect population changes. Chelan County is divided into three districts, with a county commissioner elected to represent each district.

And the Chelan County Elections Department is taking comments now on the apportionment of its three commissioners’ districts.

The 2020 census puts Chelan County at 79,074 people, or a 7 percent growth from the 73,453 people recorded in 2010. However, the growth in population did not have much impact on the county’s districts.

Ideally, Chelan County would be divided into three districts that each represent 33 percent of the population. Currently, 33.3 percent of the county’s population living in District 1, 32.7 percent in District 2, and 33.8 percent in District 3.

Chelan County Auditor Skip Moore said that’s about as close as you can get. He said he’s not proposing any changes to the districts’ boundaries, but we do give the community an opportunity to comment on this decision.”

You can view the district maps on the county’s website, co.chelan.wa.us; scroll down on the home page to the news and current events section. You haven’t got a lot of time to submit your comments, though; the deadline is 9 a.m. next Monday, December 27. They can be submitted to elections@co.chelan.wa.us.