[4/20/18] Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretative Center Plans Prescribed Burn Near Lookouts In Entiat Saturday

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Generally, fire anywhere near a fire lookout means trouble- unless it’s a managed fire like the one scheduled for this Saturday, in Entiat…


That’s Dave Spies, with the Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center in Entiat.

Part of Columbia Breaks’ mission is to provide wildfire education for all ages at their site in partnership with other private and public entities.

The objective for this Saturday’s controlled burn is to educate center visitors about the importance of reducing fire hazards on private property and help them understand the difference between healthy landscapes and landscapes that are unhealthy because they have an overabundance of vegetation…


In addition to the fuel reduction benefit, it also serves an opportunity for local fire agencies to practice the initial attack stages of a wildfire incident.

So, if you find yourself driving through Entiat Saturday afternoon, you will likely see a lot of fire apparatus and a fair amount of smoke.

Don’t be alarmed- it’s a controlled, intentionally set prescribed burn.

Most of us have driven by the Fire Interpretive Center in Entiat many times without really knowing the history behind the education center…


Again, a small 1.5 acre prescribed burn is scheduled for Saturday at the Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center at the north end of Entiat.

For more information on the Columbia Breaks Interpretive Center, visit their website at: columbiabreakswildfire.com