[12/6/16] Coast Guard Med-Evacs Commercial Fisherman / Manson Grad, Juan Ortiz After Serious Injury

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The United States Coast Guard was established in 1915 as a branch of the armed forces and is now operating under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security.

They are called on to carry out an array of civil and military responsibilities touching almost every facet of the US maritime environment…

120616 Coast Guard Rescue 1 :24 “…can be treated properly.”

That’s Nathan Coulter, a United States Coast Guard Commander, and a rescue helicopter pilot.

He was one of the US Coast Guard pilots who recently rescued 39-year old Juan Ortiz.

Juan is a 1995 graduate of Manson High School and has spend the past 20 years working his way up through the ranks on commercial fishing boats offshore in Alaska.

Juan was on the 173 foot fishing vessel, Blue North, about 280 miles northwest of St. Paul, Alaska in the Bering Sea, when he was involved in an accident that pinned more than 200 pounds of force to his neck and jaw, causing critical injuries.

Commander Coulter says the call requesting a Coast Guard hoist, came in shortly after 3pm on November 9….

120616 Coast Guard Rescue 2 :48 “…what ended up happening.”

But, in order for all of that to successfully take place, Coulter says, a lot was going on behind the scenes…

120616 Coast Guard Rescue 3 1:58 “…minimal amount of risk.”

Juan’s rescue, Coulter says, is a perfect representation of what the Coast Guard does…

120616 Coast Guard Rescue 4 :26 “…of a successful recovery.”

The entire rescue mission took 12 hours.

After that rescue, Juan was placed on basic life support until he was able to breathe again on his own, and now faces a long recovery for multiple injuries, including a broken trachea.