[4/9/22] City Road Projects Coming

Posted in Local Government & Meetings, Transportation

At their workshop Tuesday, the Chelan City Council got an update on projects scheduled in the near future, one of them is a rejiggering of the lanes on Saunders Street at Woodin and Johnson Avenues. Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde calls it a “channelization:”

Goedde says there’ll be a lot of painting on the street, but no chipping. But there could be more work at those intersections in the future; Chelan City Administrator Wade Farris:

Just saying the word “roundabout” gives some drivers pains, but the city seems to have come to terms with them, both Goedde and Farris have spoken on KOZI in favor of them, City Councilman Peter Jamtgard is a civil engineer by trade, and he’s on board, too:

Other street projects in the works include the road at the high school at Webster and Farnham, which leads into a much larger neighborhood in South Chelan, and Goedde says something needs to be done about it.