[5/4/18] City Of Leavenworth Looking Into Options Following A Recent Parking Survey

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If you’ve ever tried parking in downtown Leavenworth, especially during summer, winter, weekends or a festival, you know it can be frustrating. A new study looks at what can be done to alleviate the problem.

The City of Leavenworth held a public open house last evening to present the findings of phase one of a recent downtown parking study. The city, along with the chamber of commerce and the Port of Chelan contracted a Parking Consultation Firm, Rick Williams Consulting. The firm was hired by the city of Leavenworth to help shed light on the realities of the various parking issues faced by the city. The firms’ goal is to help craft strategies and identify opportunities for the city to help alleviate parking congestion. Joel Walinski is the City Administrator of Leavenworth and speaks to the goal of last night’s open house.

050418 WALINSKI BITE #1 1:12

“….in and around Leavenworth.”

President and namesake of the consulting firm, Rick Williams, presented the findings at the open house and while sharing data on the percentage of parking spots available that were filled at different times through the day, he noted something unusual that they have not encountered before and that is unique to Leavenworth.

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“….we can then start to address it.”

Now that the parking issues are better defined with data showing the shortcomings, Phase two of the parking study can more forward.

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“….and if we missed the mark.”

The next Leavenworth open house addressing the parking study will take place at the end of June or early July.