[5/11/21] City of Chelan Seeks “Ambassadors”

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The City of Chelan has been considering starting what you might call an ambassador’s program, consisting of volunteers to give a couple of hours, walk around downtown and act as a roving welcome wagon and visitor’s bureau.  The city is fleshing out the details on the program; Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde:

What’s more, the mayor has some specific ideas on who he’d like to see as the city’s ambassadors:

City administrator Wade Farris says they’ll be putting together printed brochures about the ambassador’s program and talking to various organizations around town trying to get some volunteers; meanwhile, if you’re interested, there’s more information on the “volunteer” page on the city’s website, or you can call the city’s AAU youth sports coordinator, Mike Haerling, at 682-8039, extension 516.