[11/5/21] Chelan PUD’s Proposed Budget

Posted in Public Utility

Chelan County PUD presented its proposed budget for 2022 at the PUD Commission meeting Monday. The PUD’s financial output remains strong, due to a 58 million dollar bottom line forecast for next year. That’s an increase of seven million dollars from last year. The PUD expects to take in more than 350 million dollars in revenue next year, with operating expenses estimated at 225 million, with taxes and depreciation taking another 66 million. Operating revenues are expected to increase about seven percent next year, the PUD saying there’s a strong market for renewable carbon-free hydropower.

With its strong financial position, the PUD will be able to pay cash for around 215 million dollars in capital spending next year, and not take on any new debt until 2023. The PUD’s top projects for next year include its new headquarters in Olds Station, new substations on the North Shore and in Leavenworth, modernizing generating units and cranes at Rock Island Dam, and expansion of the fiber-optic internet network to reach more than 85 percent of the county by 2024.

The budget was presented at a public hearing on Monday, another public hearing is set for the next meeting on the 15th, with a board vote adopting the budget on December 6th.