[12/6/18] Chelan Powerhouse Project Completed

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Chelan County PUD has wrapped up one of its most interesting projects of the year – the Chelan Falls powerhouse. The work, which entailed five different projects, started in July and was completed in October. The PUD’s Engineering and Project Management group manager, George Velazquez, says the project required a lot of planning:

The five projects required shutting down generation at the powerhouse, with a deadline to restart the units by October 15th in order to accommodate returning salmon. The most visible of the five projects was the work done on the surge tank on the hill above the powerhouse:

You might wonder what purpose the surge tank serves; Velazquez likens it to the plumbing in your home:

Other projects included the draining and inspecting of the two-mile tunnel – known as a “penstock” that carries water from the lake to the powerhouse, something required every five years. Also, one of the two hydro units was overhauled and the other was inspected; also, breakers were replaced.