[12/5/16] Chelan Hospital Considers Bond For April Ballot

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Lake Chelan Community Hospital is making plans to put together another bond issue to construct a new hospital before voters. At their latest meeting November 22, the hospital board heard the results from an accountant’s study of how a new hospital would perform financially over the next ten years, and whether it could pay back the bonds. Kelly Arduino of the Spokane firm Wipfli (pr: WHIP-flee) conducted the study; hospital CEO Kevin Abel:

120516 New Hospital 1 :44 Q:”the hospital district”

The board is considering a resolution to put a 20-million dollar bond issue on the April ballot. Two years ago, the Hospital District fell less than a hundred votes short of getting the sixty percent needed to pass a bond issue for a new hospital. So what will they do different this time? Abel and Hospital Board Chairperson Mary Signorelli say there are two things:

120516 New Hospital 2 :52 Q:”years, per month”

Abel said he was positive there was a good shot at success this time; Signorelli said there’s going to be a big push to get a bond issue passed:

1205 New Hospital 3 :26 Q:”to grow forward”

Details on the projected finances for a new hospital and the proposed bond issue are on the hospital’s website, lake chelan community hospital-dot-com.