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Just before 6 pm a wildland fire was reported at the Chelan Hills Acres Tracts development in Orondo one mile south of the Beebe Bridge. Smoke was visible for several miles when the fire was reported.


The High Corner fire was located 5 miles beyond the State Highway up in the top of the Columbia River Bluffs. On arrival the firsts Orondo Fire units found fire burning next to a structure in moderate fuels of sage and grass with mild wind spreading the fire to the north. Firefighters made a direct attack on the fire using water supply from brush trucks as well as hand tools and were able to stop the advance of the fire. The low humidity helped slow the spread of the fire.


Due the size of the fire, structures threatened, steep terrain and the remote area a second alarm was struck brining firefighters and apparatus from Douglas, Chelan and Okanagan Counties as wells as the Washington State DNR. Forty-four firefighters and 17 apparatus arrived to extinguish the fire


The three-acre fire was located 5 miles from the state highway accessible by unimproved dirt roads slowing the fire resources accessing the scene of the fire. The fire advancement was stopped in one hour with total containment made late into the night. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. There were no injuries or property damage.


Press release and photo courtesy of Douglas County Fire District No. 4 Fire Chief Jim Oatey