[1/16/18] Chelan High School’s Viticulture Program Is Turning Some Heads

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Viticulture is the science, production and study of grapes.

It deals with the series of events that occur in a vineyard.

And, Chelan High School is in the forefront of bringing the science of that growing industry— into the classroom.

Chelan Superintendent, Barry DePaoli, says the new Viticulture program at Chelan High School is already starting to turn some heads…

011618 CHS Viticulture 1 :39 “…recognition so that’s pretty cool.”

The Julie that DePaoli refers to is Julie Pitzinger. Her and her husband Bret own Karma Vineyards and, according to Barry, they are taking their partnership with the school’s Viticulture program to the next level…

011618 CHS Viticulture 2 :33 “…partnership with our school.”

The Chelan High School Viticulture Program is a regionally relevant, lab based Plant & Soil Science course that was recently approved by the State Board of Education. It focuses on the application of scientific and agribusiness principles to the production and agribusiness of grape growing; heavily rooted in the application of plant and soil science.