[11/15/18] Chelan F&R is Down a Ladder Truck

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At their meeting Wednesday night, Chelan Fire and Rescue Commissioners got some bad news: the district’s ladder truck is out of commission, and might not be repaired. It was reported that the truck has a plumbing leak, but worse, on Tuesday, the truck failed an Underwriters Laboratory “drift test.”  Chief Tim Lemon explains:

It was explained that the truck is more than 25 years old, and most everything on the truck is obsolete.  Repair costs are estimated at anywhere from 40 to 65 thousand dollars, and it’s possible the truck may be beyond repair.  Chief Lemons told commissioners there are several options, although one stands out:

In the meantime, Lemon has notified other districts in the county of the situation, and that, if necessary, Chelan 7 may have to call upon ladder trucks in either Wenatchee or Cashmere, both more than one hour away.  He also warns that with no ladder truck to perform rescues in the event of a structure fire, insurance rates for high-rises will go up.