[10/10/16] Chelan County Sheriff Meets With Commissioners On Preliminary Budget

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Chelan County Sheriff, Brian Burnett, will meet with Chelan County Commissioners today to discuss the Sheriff’s Office’s 2017 Preliminary Budget.

This year’s budget was just about $10 million.

The proposed budget for next year, Sheriff Burnett, shows an increase of roughly $230 thousand…

101016 CCSO Budget 1 1:06 “…and equipment officer.”

But, Sheriff Burnett says, $63 thousand of the budget increase is due to training and equipment…

101016 CCSO Budget 2 :57 “…thing for the taxpayers.”

Today’s meeting with Chelan County Commissioners is an opportunity for Sheriff Burnett to share what changes he is seeking for the 2017 budget, and why…

101016 CCSO Budget 3 :19 “…throughout the year.”

Chelan County Commissioners have until the end of December to approve department budgets.