[6/19/19] Chelan County Resolution: High Fire Travel And Activity Restrictions

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BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Board of Chelan County Commissioners that all unincorporated areas of Chelan County be designated a fire hazard area and that HIGH Travel and Activity Restrictions shall be enforced throughout all the unincorporated areas of Chelan County, including those unincorporated areas within a Chelan County Fire District. A list of area arid road designations are identified in Exhibit A. Per Chelan County Code Chapter 7.52, travel and activity restrictions shall be as follows:

1. Travel Restrictions: No operation of any motor vehicles off the roadway.

2. Area Activity Restrictions include:

(i) No Fireworks. Use, display, and discharge of all fireworks are prohibited.

(ii) Restricted Outdoor Fires. No person shall build, ignite, or maintain any outdoor fire of any kind or character, or for any purpose

(iii) Restricted Open Flame Devices. No person shall operate or use any device liable to start or cause fire in or upon any high fire hazard area, except for the approved open flame devices listed below or by the authority of a written permit from the appropriate fire protection agency:


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that notice of restrictions be posted accordingly and upon such posting shall become effective, and shall remain so until September 30, 2019. A list of area and road designations shall be kept in the Chelan County Public Works Department.