[11/7/17] Chelan County PUD Looking For Input On Management Of Orondo River Park

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Chelan County PUD has 14 parks- and currently manages seven: Chelan Falls Park, Chelan Riverwalk Park, Kirby Billingsley Hydro Park, Rocky Reach Dam Park, Walla Walla Point Park, Wenatchee Riverfront Park and Beebe Bridge Park.

Those not managed by the PUD include Daroga State Park, Lincoln State Park and Wenatchee Confluence State Park- all operated by State Parks–

Manson Bay Park and Old Mill Park are both operated by Manson Parks Department and Entiat Park, is operated by the City of Entiat.

The PUD is now considering taking on operations at Orondo River Park…

110617 Orondo Park 1 :06 “…taking this park over.”

That’s Ryan Baker- Parks Manager for Chelan County PUD.

He told KOZI that PUD Commissioners met and have come up with four options regarding Orondo River Park- and are now turning to you for input…

110617 Orondo Park 2 :41 “…be the fourth option.”

Baker says until now, Orondo River Park has primarily been operated by the Port Of Douglas County…

110617 Orondo Park 3 :33 “…to make some improvements.”

In addition to the survey, the PUD will host a community meeting next Tuesday for more input on the Orondo Park…

110617 Orondo Park 4 :25 “…then who should do it.”

Again- that meeting will be Tuesday, November 14th at Orondo School District Offices starting at 6:30pm.

The survey can be found at chelanpud.org.