[4/17/18] Chelan County PUD Imposes Fees For Unauthorized Crypto-Currency Operations

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Earlier this week, Chelan County PUD Commissioners approved new fees and charges for investigation and enforcement of unauthorized crypto-currency operations in Chelan County…


That’s Chelan County PUD Commissioner, Gary Arsenault, who turned his tough talk into tough action Monday, when he and fellow commissioners voted unanimously to impose monetary punishment to those found illegally operating crypto-currency mining operations.

Effective immediately, customers found without authorized electric service face fees of up to $6,150 for in home crypto-currency operations and up to $11,400 for those in commercial or light industrial space. Unauthorized operations deemed a safety hazard will lose power immediately and be assessed all charges. Customers also face prosecution for power theft.

That action came as PUD staff members continue to find unauthorized crypto mining. In fact, 2-3 a day on average.

Commissioners did leave a little wiggle room, though, by extending amnesty for assessing those new fees until mid May in cases where customers without authorized service stop mining immediately and notify the PUD before hearing from the utility.

May 14 is the public hearing on the application moratorium imposed in mid march for new high density loads.

The May 14 meeting is scheduled for 1pm at the Confluence Technology Center. Public input is being sought.

To learn more about that hearing, and crypto-currency mining violations- visit the PUD website at www.chelanpud.org.