[10/3/18] Chelan County PUD Faces Challenges

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As Chelan County PUD invites you to celebrate “Public Power Week” starting on Saturday with an event at Pybus Market in Wenatchee, the PUD is sizing up where they stand now and looking at the challenges they face in the future. PUD Commissioner Gary Arsenault says a large chunk of the PUD’s revenues are going to maintain and upgrade their facilities, particularly Rock Island Dam:

Add to that the cost of the distribution network – finding new substations and maintaining old ones, as well as reducing the size of the PUD’s debt load- which was once called “crushing”:

All of which take money – which brings up the main challenge for the future – keeping that revenue stream coming in:

And while some people see the issue of cybercurrency and it’s huge power needs, Arsenault sees it as an opportunity for the county to look at ways of participating with new technology, but one that protects the existing ratepayers and the sale of wholesale power. The challenge there, he says, is how to do both.