[11/29/17] Chelan County Flood Control Zone District Is Ready For Federal Review

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Flooding in recent years has shown that Chelan County needs to address the issue of flooding on a countywide basis. In 2013, the Chelan County Board of Commissioners approved the formation of a County-wide flood control zone district. Once formed, the Chelan County Flood Control Zone District needed a comprehensive plan.

In 2017, the Chelan County Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan was drafted. The Management Plan recommends regional policies, programs, and projects to reduce flood risks and to protect, restore or enhance riparian and aquatic ecosystems. Chelan County commissioners, who serve as the Board of Supervisors of the Chelan County Flood Control Zone District, approved of the final draft of the districts Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan earlier this month.

According to Jill FitzSimmons, Public Information Officer for Chelan County Public Works Department, the Management Plan will guide the fledgling district..

112817 Flood Zone 1 :19 “…. here in Chelan County.”

Now that the final draft of the plan has been approved by Flood Control Zone Districts Board of Supervisors, the next step is a pre-adoption review…

112817 Flood Zone 2 :26 “…. community ratings system.”

The National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System recognizes community efforts beyond the National Flood Insurance Program minimum standards by reducing flood insurance premiums for a community’s property owners. Jill FitzSimmons on one of the key efforts of the Management Plan…

112817 Flood Zone 3 :06 “…premiums for our community.”

A 15-member steering committee was assembled to oversee the development of the plan. The committee, which met monthly for a year, represented agencies at the local, state and federal levels as well as local citizens and will remain a viable body involved in key elements of the plan maintenance strategy. After several years of hard work, the Management Plan is nearing completion once it passes reviews by FEMA and the Community Ratings System…

112817 Flood Zone 4 :15 “….and we’re moving forward.”