[9/6/19] Chelan County Fair Day 1 Market Results for Chelan Students

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**** Please note these results are not complete for the entire fair, only the market show (beef, swine, sheep, and goats) that took place today****
FFA Students
Aliyah Finch – Reserve Grand Champion Market Swine
Ethan Strandberg – Callback – 6th overall
Logan Oules – Blue Ribbon
Clayton Reeves – Blue Ribbon
Casandra Sanchez – Blue Ribbon
Beau Nordby – Blue Ribbon
Gunner Gleasman – (Two pigs) Blue Ribbon, Blue Ribbon
Charlize Clementson – Red Ribbon
Teagen Moody – (Lightweight Hog, won’t sell) 1st Lightweight
Macaela LaPorte – Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer
Molly Oswald – Grand Champion Market Goat
Ashlyn Sanderson – Blue Ribbon
Tiernan Davis – Red Ribbon
Maddoc Finch (Muddy Boots 4-H) – Callback – 4th Overall
Levi Jeffries (Chelan Caballeros 4-H) – Callback – 5th Overall
Bryce Hampton (Chelan Caballeros 4-H) – Blue Ribbon
Arabelle Finch (Muddy Boots 4-H) – Blue Ribbon
Bryce Hampton (Chelan Caballeros 4-H) – Grand Champion Market Beef
Duke Nordby (Chelan Caballeros 4-H) – Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef
Reeghan Lake (Chelan Caballeros 4-H) – Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat
Carson Collum (Chelan Caballeros 4-H) – Blue Ribbon
Kassidy Wilfong (Muddy Boots 4-H) – (Two Sheep) Callback and 3rd Overall, Blue Ribbon