[8/9/17] Chelan County Designates Areas Of Extreme Fire Hazard Conditions

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On Tuesday, following the recommendation of the Chelan County Fire Advisory Board, Chelan County Commissioners signed a resolution designating all of Chelan County as a high fire hazard area- thereby imposing extreme fire hazard restrictions in some areas.

Those restrictions include no outdoor burning and or outdoor open flame devices.

A list of areas affected include Bear Mountain Road, Antoine Creek Road, Cagle Gulch Road, Chelan Butte Road, Chelan Gorge Road, Cooper Gulch Road, Lower Joe Creek Road, Purtteman Gulch Road, Swanson Gulch Road, Union Valley Road, Upper Joe Creek Road and Washington Creek Road.


Crum Canyon Road, Dick Mesa Road, Johnson Creek Road, Mad River Road, Mills Canyon Road, Mud Creek Road, Oklahoma Gulch Road, Roaring Creek Road, Burch Mountain Road, Halvorson Loop Road, Hampton Road, Hedges Road, Horselake Road, #1 Canyon Road, #2 Canyon Road, Northridge Drive, Pitcher Canyon Road, Stemilt Creek Road, Stemilt Loop Road, Swakane Canyon Road, Brender Canyon Road, Hay Canyon Road, Nahahum Canyon Road, Olalla Canyon Road, Yaksum Canyon Road, Old Blewett Road, Mountain Home Road, Wenatchee Heights Road, Swuilchuck Road, Colockum Road, Tarpiscan Road, Chiwawa River Road, White River Road, Little Wenatchee Road, Mission Creek Road, Derby Canyon Road, Eagle Creek Road, Merry Canyon Road, Clark Canyon Road, Suntisch Canyon Road, Shady Pass Road, Freund Canyon Road, Downey Canyon Road and First Creek Road.