[3/6/19] Chelan Butte Bighorn Sheep Relocated

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About two weeks ago, staff from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, along with volunteers with the Wenatchee Sportsman’s Association and the Washington Wild Sheep Foundation, captured 28 Chelan Butte Bighorn Sheep and sent 20 of them to the Stansbury Mountains, about 45 minutes west of Salt Lake City. Fish & Wildlife Communications Consultant Staci Lehman:

Now Lehman says translocating is not new to bighorn sheep:

So the translocated sheep will essentially be assimilated into the sheep in Utah. Lehman says the capture effort was quite involved:

The 28 sheep all received physical exams, for one of the aims of the capture effort was to check the health of herd members, and collaring eight of them to learn more about their habits and behavior. The Chelan Butte bighorn sheep herd now numbers about 200:

At this point, Lehman says at this point there are no plans for another capture effort, although she says they’ll take another look at the size and health of the herd next year, and if things are OK, they’ll do it again the year after that. Washington and Utah aren’t the only places bighorn sheep reside:

By the way, Lehman says they got an e-mail from the Utah wildlife folks; seems the relocated sheep are all healthy, happy, and getting along with their new sheep friends just fine.