[7/29/21] Chelan And New Police Reform Laws

Posted in Law Enforcement

Like all cities across Washington, Chelan is having to adjust to new state laws affecting police reform.  Aside from the effects on crime, the new laws are going to cost cities more money.  Now, Chelan doesn’t have its own police force, it contracts with Chelan County.  And that contract is coming up for renewal.  So that will cost more money.  But the other financial whammy is going to come with insurance.  Chelan City Administrator Wade Farris:

Farris says another problem comes in the form of re-insurance, or insurance that insurance companies take out:

That tough position was explained in a press release sent out by the Sheriffs of Chelan and Douglas Counties, and the police chiefs of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee.  It said that law enforcement will now assess each call for service to determine the appropriate response; and said that in general, if no crime has been committed and no imminent threat of harm to others exists, officers and deputies may not respond, or leave the scene.  Welfare checks, mental health and civil, or non-criminal, calls will most likely be affected.  They also say investigations may take longer, and potential suspects may be allowed to leave the scene of an incident.  Prior to the passage of the new laws, a reasonable amount of force could have been used to detain possible suspects to allow time for the initial investigation.  Now, probable cause must be established to use force to detain suspects.