[8/28/19] Changes to the YWCA in Wenatchee

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The YWCA NCW has been going through some changes. From looking for a new executive director to transitioning a former café on their premises to a Women’s Resource Center. Another change that was to take place before summer’s end was the closure of the YWCA’s thrift store. But even that, it appears, may be getting a second look. Alyssa Martinez-Garcia, Deputy Director of the YWCA says the YWCA NCW board of directors has been looking at all of its current programs and after the initial announcement of the thrift store’s closure was made, something unique happened. Community support in the form of volunteers, donations and shoppers have helped the board reconsider. Garcia says the thrift store is much more than a retail outlet.

The YWCA’s board of directors is reconsidering the closure of the thrift store, which is located at 231 N. Wenatchee Ave in downtown Wenatchee.