[1/26/22] Changes at Senior Center’s Reruns Store

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A fair amount of upheaval going on concerning Reruns, the Chelan Senior Center’s thrift store at the bottom of Highway 150. The manager and staff were let go last month, a new manager has been hired, and there’s been much comment on social media about what’s going on.

In a Facebook post more than a week ago, Candi West, the administrator of the Reruns Facebook page, said the board made the changes for several reasons, one of them being a four thousand dollar deficit, another being that the board wanted each person who worked at Reruns assigned a department, and if that department didn’t make money, that person was to be fired. West said that directive wasn’t followed, in her words because “it just didn’t make sense,” that the manager, her staff and volunteers worked as a team and tackled all departments together.

We talked with John Hagerty, the Senior Center Board’s Vice-Chair and Secretary and got his take on what’s going on:

Hagerty says there are several factors making life difficult for ReRuns:

Not to mention the storm of criticism about all this on social media outlets:

We asked Hagerty what was being said on social media that was true: