[6/20/21] CCFD 7: Donnell Retiring, Levy Resolution Passed

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Chelan Fire and Rescue will be starting the search for a new chief. 

Chelan Fire District 7 commissioners made the announcement concerning Chief Mark Donnell Thursday.  Commissioner Phil Moller:

Moller said Donnell’s decision came as a surprise to the commissioners, but added that the district does have options:

Mark Donnell joined Chelan Fire and Rescue as a volunteer in early 2015, and was named assistant chief in July 2016.  He was named Chief in August of 2019, following the resignation of Tim Lemon, who had announced he was retiring, but instead became chief of the North Whidbey Island Fire District. 

Also, the Chelan 7 commissioners passed on Wednesday a resolution to authorize a levy.  They have talked about this for some time, and a committee was formed earlier this year to look into it.  Currently, the district collects 80 cents per thousand dollars of assessed property valuation; theoretically, they could go to $1.50.  But the commissioners have decided to almost split it down the middle and ask for a 30 cent increase to $1.10 per thousand.  Commissioner Russ Jones :

061821 RUSS JONES                        :17                               Q:”NEXT TEN YEARS”

All three commissioners are united in supporting the levy.