[10/22/21] Link Spends Money On Chelan, Manson Routes

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Several interesting notes from Tuesday’s Link Transit Board meeting: Link put together a chart showing their cost per boarding – in effect, how much it cost Link to operate a particular route for each person who boards the bus. And for the routes that go through Chelan and Manson, it’s not cheap: Route 21, which […]

[10/19/21] Slide Ridge Project Update

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Work on the Slide Ridge project seems to be going along as planned, that’s the word from Chelan County’s Public Information Officer, Jill Fitzsimmons, who says the crew is working on the substructure of the new bridge: When asked about the importance of the project, Fitzsimmons said Slide Ridge is not a road improvement project, […]

[10/15/21] Link’s 30 Millionth Rider From Manson

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There was some celebrating on Link Transit’s Route 21 bus from Manson to Wenatchee last Wednesday morning around 11 am. That’s because on that bus was Link’s 30 millionth passenger. Link Communications Manager Erik West tells you who she is: Now was Harris the EXACT 30 millionth passenger? West says there’s no real way of […]

[10/6/21] Slide Ridge Project Restarts

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If you live or go through the Slide Ridge area, you probably know this, but work has restarted on the Slide Ridge project, that according to Chelan County’s Public Information Officer Jill Fitzsimmons. She says the work got back under way last week: Originally completion of the bridge was planned for October, but Fitzsimmons says […]

[9/2/21] Slide Ridge Project On Hold

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The Slide Ridge Construction project has been put on hold this summer for several reasons, one of which is the Twenty Five Mile Fire; but another, according to Chelan County Engineer Eric Pierson, is the same thing putting a hold on other construction projects: a shortage of supplies: But Pierson says the delays have changed […]

[8/13/21] Douglas County Road Work

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Douglas County Commissioner Marc Straub says the county is busy on a number of road projects: Straub says crews are going to be doing some major work on the slide area around Badger Mountain and are timing that with harvest, that work is scheduled for next month.

[7/14/21] Okanogan Deputy Hits Car

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An Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office deputy, who State Patrol says was driving while distracted, rear-ended a car near downtown Omak. 30-year-old Deputy Eric Orr of Okanogan, was southbound on Highway 215 at last Wednesday  when he failed to notice a car in front of him, said Washington State Patrol spokesman John Bryant. 65-year-old Deborah Moore […]

[7/14/21] Link Transit Free For Another Year

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Link Transit is offering free rides on all routes as part of a one-year program that began on July 1. The move is situated between Link’s COVID-19 fare suspension and ongoing discussions about the future of its fare policy. Link planned to resume fare collection in January after suspending fares in March 2020 due to […]

[7/14/21] Lady Cat Back In Service, Renamed

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We got this word from the Lake Chelan Boat Company: “After sitting idle for 15 years, the new owners of the Lake Chelan Boat Company dusted the Lady Cat off and started running her again in 2020.  This provided them with vital and technical information as to why she stopped running in the first place, […]

[6/30/21] Watch For Sticky Roads

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Something to look out for as you’re driving during this heat wave: tar.  With the record-breaking temperatures we’re experiencing, Chelan County Public Works is warning you may notice tar “bleeding” through the asphalt on recently chip-sealed county roads. Public Works is receiving some reports of oil coming up on county roads. Excessive temperatures are heating […]