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[9/15/21] Wenatchee Chamber Director To Douglas County PUD

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The executive director of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce will be leaving to take a lobbying job with the Douglas County PUD. A press release from the Chamber says Shiloh Burgess, who has led the chamber for more than eight years, will step down in November. In January, she will become the PUD’s manager […]

[9/11/21] Benefits of Hydropower

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Washington State has one of the most ambitious energy goals in the nation: to convert the energy grid to 100 percent carbon-free power over the next quarter century. And it’s in large part dependent on upon hydropower, which the Chelan County PUD is calling the most important asset the state has to meet those goals, […]

[9/11/21] Douglas County Commissioner On PUD Installation Technology

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Douglas County Commissioners say they are NOT trying to slow down the Douglas County PUD’s rollout of fiber-optics to areas like Sun Cove. But Commissioner Marc Straub says he’s been getting a few calls from constituents concerned about the speed of the service extension. Straub says the Commission’s concern centers around a new technology the […]

[8/30/21] Okanogan PUD News

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The governor’s office has appointed Okanogan County PUD Environmental Coordinator Matthew Stevie as the new Public Works Board member representing PUDs. Stevie has been with the PUD since 2018. He has worked in public utilities for over 20 years, starting his career as a water and stormwater laborer, then working as a civil design intern and […]

[8/26/21] Mapping Broadband Service

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You probably have figured out by now that broadband access is essential for modern life. But not everyone has access to broadband service. And according to Kevin McKee, the Chelan County PUD’s program manager for fiber and telecom, the Federal Communications Commission’s mapping of broadband service isn’t doing the job: Now the PUD is trying […]

[8/26/21] Rocky Reach Discovery Center Opens

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Wednesday was a day a lot of people have been waiting for: the re-opening of what used to be called the Rocky Reach Dam Visitor Center. Now it’s called the Discovery Center, and it opened at noon Wednesday. It’s undergone almost two years of renovation work, according to Chelan County PUD Outreach Education Specialist Bob […]

[8/18/21] BPA Price Cuts To Hit Okanogan PUD

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The Okanogan PUD says power rate cuts from the Bonneville Power Administration will cost it at least a million dollars. Although BPA will implement historic power rate decreases, the Okanogan PUD will also receive less power, which they will have to replace at a higher price on the open power market. BPA announced earlier this […]

[8/12/21] Power Outages And Squirrels

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According to the Chelan County PUD, when the power goes out, it is usually because of one of three main causes: extreme weather, unmanaged vegetation, or animals. And in Chelan County, animals usually means squirrels. And squirrels have been causing more outages: sixty just last year, that’s up from just six in 2003. Andy Wendell […]

[7/28/21] Avoiding “Smoke Season” in Your Home

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For several years in North Central Washington, it’s been said that the year now has five seasons, the newest one called “Smoke Season.”  And it seems we’ve had an earlier start to it this year.  So how can you keep your house smoke-free?  The Chelan County PUD has some tips from Energy Efficiency Marketing Strategist […]

[7/16/21] Manson Waterline Crack

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Lake Chelan Reclamation District crews had an early morning of it Tuesday.  Rod Anderson told KOZI what it was all about: Anderson told us it was at a home on Lizzy Lane in Manson, on the lake side of the highway, near Mill Bay Marine: Although it was considered a minor break, notification still had […]