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[1/7/22] Okanogan PUD Scam Warning

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Here’s a warning to PUD customers in all counties, but especially now in Okanogan County, where customers have been getting calls from scammers. Okanogan PUD Communications Manager Sheila Corson, who tells us the callers are apparently convincing: And Corson has reminders for customers: One thing the PUD will not do, Corson says, is threaten to […]

[1/7/22] Kirk Hudson Takes Over at Chelan County PUD

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Steady as she goes. That’s the goal of new Chelan County PUD General Manager Kirk Hudson. He took over for Steve Wright, who retired last Friday. Hudson has been with the PUD for 24 years in several positions, most recently as its managing director of generation and transmission. In his first interview with KOZI yesterday […]

[1/3/22] PUD-Avista Contract

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We received a press release from Chelan County PUD and Avista on Friday. It said the two have finalized a contract for renewable hydropower from the PUD’s two hydro projects on the Columbia River. The bottom line is that Avista will get five percent of the output from Rocky Reach and Rock Island dams from […]

[12/28/21] Manson Power Outages

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People in Manson were kept hopping Sunday afternoon by a series of brief power outages. And we mean brief – like lasting two or three seconds, which is just enough to throw some things out of whack, like clocks and computers. Here’s the PUD’s Rachel Hansen: The piece of equipment in question is called an […]


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It is, as Jeff Conwell put it to me, “stupid cold” out there, and the wind chill certainly doesn’t help. With temperatures as cold as they are, the Chelan County PUD sees power usage rise, and this week could see a record, according to Rachel Hansen: And if you’d like to prevent your electric bill […]

[12/27/21] Anger At Removal Of Cottonwood Trees At Manson Park

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Callers to last Thursday’s “2nd Cup of Coffee” program on the Chelan County PUD’s chopping down of cottonwood trees last week at Mill Bay Park. Residents knew the PUD would be doing some work with the trees, but they were surprised that all the trees were taken out. Karl Word: Well, we made a call […]

[12/22/21] New Features At Rocky Reach Discovery Center

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If you’re enjoying the holiday break with family or friends and looking for something to do, Chelan County PUD has an idea: take a drive down to Rocky Reach Dam and spend some time at the newly reopened Discovery Center. It’s now open year-round, and after a 7-million dollar remodeling, it has plenty of new […]

[12/20/21] Chelan PUD Replaces Transmission Poles

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The Chelan County PUD has re-energized a high-voltage transmission line that powers the Chelan and Union Valley substations. That line was rebuilt with fire-resistant steel, a months-long upgrade that is part of a comprehensive plan to protect the county’s electrical grid from the growing threat of wildfire. The transmission line powers the Chelan and Union […]

[12/20/21] Payment Assistance For Okanogan PUD Customers

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The Okanogan County PUD has given more than half a million dollars in payment assistance toward PUD bills in 2021, according to a report at the PUD Commission’s meeting last Monday. In 2019, that number was just shy of $350,000, then in 2020 it was just over $360,000, that according to information from Customer Service […]

[12/15/21] PUD Service Center Update

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Construction on the Chelan County PUD’s new Service Center at Olds Station is progressing more or less on time and on budget, according to PUD Shared Services Director Dan Frazier: When completed in the spring of 2023, all PUD operations will be combined into one area, instead of being spread out around some thirty locations […]