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[7/23/21] Airport Water In Jeopardy

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Getting water to the Chelan Airport may not be the sure thing it was a few weeks ago.  Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde says an amendment to the city’s comprehensive water plan deals with the project to extend fire flow, or water, to the airport.  But what seemed like enough money a couple of months ago, […]

[7/16/21] County Money For Manson Sewers

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Chelan County Commissioners have approved 100-thousand dollars for improved sewer service to the Manson area.  The money, which will go to the Lake Chelan Reclamation District, will improve Lift Station Number 2, which provides the service. That grant is part of almost three-quarters of a million dollars commissioners approved to projects designed to boost economic […]

[7/14/21] Link Transit Free For Another Year

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Link Transit is offering free rides on all routes as part of a one-year program that began on July 1. The move is situated between Link’s COVID-19 fare suspension and ongoing discussions about the future of its fare policy. Link planned to resume fare collection in January after suspending fares in March 2020 due to […]

[7/14/21] STR Update

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Chelan County Commissioners discussed today (Tue) revisions to the proposed Short Term Rental regulations.  The revisions, Commissioner Tiffany Gering says, came from public testimony two weeks ago, as well as the more than 500 written comments the commissioners received: Gering says the testimony – as well as the written comments – changed her mind about […]

[7/14/21] Capital Gains Lawsuits Joined

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Two Douglas County lawsuits opposing Washington’s new capital gains tax are now one.  Douglas County Judge Brian Huber yesterday ordered both cases challenging the tax law consolidated into a single suit in a Superior Court hearing.  However, he’s still being asked to rule on whether the case should be moved to Thurston County, or even […]

[7/14/21] No Bridgeport Council Recall

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A Bridgeport man’s push to recall the entire Bridgeport City Council has been turned away. Bridgeport resident Michael Knox claimed the five-member council failed to provide spending reports of the Bridgeport Transportation Benefit District. Named in the petition were city council members Matthew Schuh, Mike Bjornstad, Jacqueline Hentges, Esiquio “Zeke” Martinez and Sergio Orozco. Douglas […]

[7/1/21] Concerns Over Water To Chelan Airport

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A couple of months ago, city of Chelan and port officials were practically doing handstands in the street about the prospect of finally getting water to the Chelan Airport, courtesy of the money – more than five million dollars worth – earmarked in the state budget by Representative Mike Steele.  But now, the enthusiasm has […]

[6/30/21] Varied Comments During STR Hearing

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Chelan County Commissioners held their public hearing on the proposed regulations for short term rentals Tuesday.   Most of the comments in the early going were by short term rental owners centering on who, how and where grandfathering of rentals would be permitted; and many who had developed their STR properties but not opened prior […]

[6/23/21] STR Regulations Close, Gering Says

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We’re close to having regulations on short-term rentals in Chelan County.  That’s the word from Commissioner Tiffany Gering.  And that’s with the public hearing on STR’s set for a week from today.  On the question of what penalties will be levied for infractions of the code, Gering says the commission hasn’t even looked at that […]

[6/20/21] No Decision In Bridgeport Recall Hearing

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No decision in the petition to recall all five members of the Bridgeport City Council.  A hearing was held Friday in Douglas County Superior Court with Judge John Huber’s hearing the evidence presented by Bridgeport resident Michael Knox, Knox contending that the Council’s members have been negligent in filing annual financial reports for the city’s […]