[7/23/21] COVID Numbers Up

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The COVID case numbers in Chelan and Douglas Counties has shot up.  The latest two-week positive numbers from the Chelan-Douglas Health District is 121.5 per hundred thousand population – up fully one-third from the 90-point-8 number it was last week.  In Chelan County, 85 new positive cases were reported in the past two weeks, 65 […]

[7/21/21] Butler Resigns As Public Health Officer

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Dr. Malcolm Butler, the Wenatchee physician who helped steer the Chelan-Douglas Health District through the COVID-19 pandemic as its public health officer, will resign that post effective Aug. 31.  Butler announced his resignation Monday in the monthly meeting of the Chelan-Douglas Board of Health, which administers the two-county district. Butler was tapped by then-health district […]

[7/21/21] Mask Talk At Monday Health Meeting

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About 130 people concerned about current masking guidelines for students joined this month’s online Chelan-Douglas board of health meeting.  Many at the Monday meeting criticized the state’s guidelines requiring that students wear masks, arguing it is unnecessary and even harmful. Some said they were frustrated from never getting straight answers about masking from the state […]

[7/14/21] Three Rivers Hospital Levy

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Voters in the Brewster area need to know that there’s a levy request on the ballot you’ll be getting sometime this week.  Three Rivers Hospital CEO Scott Graham explains what it’s for: If approved, Graham says the levy would replace the previous levy that passed with 71 percent approval: Graham says one of the goals […]

[6/30/21] Tips On Staying Cool From PUD

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With another day of triple digit temperatures in the offing – and continuing through the week, any blankets you’ve got have a better use than keeping you warm – they’ll keep you cool, according to Josh Mitchell with the Chelan County PUD, who has a couple of tips you can do to keep your house […]

[6/23/21] Lake Chelan Health COVID update

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COVID is still a concern at the hospital, and although things are getting better in general, at Lake Chelan Health, they understandably have to be a bit more careful.  And that means that while masking in general has become more of an option when you’re out and about, that’s not the case at the hospital.  […]

[6/20/21] Ammonia Leak In Manson

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Some tense moments in Downtown Manson Thursday night, as an ammonia leak prompted a shelter in place order and some streets to be blocked off.  Manson Fire Chief Arnold Baker says they got the call shortly after 8 p.m. to a cold storage facility on Totem Pole Road: Chief Baker called it a situation where […]

[6/2/21] COVID Numbers Down

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The latest COVID numbers show another drop.  Numbers from the Chelan-Douglas Health District put the two-county COVID case rate at 82-point-7 per hundred-thousand residents for the two week period ending last Monday, down from 94 per hundred thousand the week prior.  There were 102 new cases in the two weeks ending May 25; 80 in […]

[6/2/21] Hospital Construction Update

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There’s a bumper crop of boulders you’ll see as you drive by the construction site of the new hospital for Lake Chelan Health.  That’s how Chief Executive Officer George Rohrich describes it: But Rohrich says digging up boulders is not all that’s going on at the site: Otherwise, Rohrich says he’s feeling good about the […]

[5/21/21] Latest COVID Numbers

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The latest numbers from the Chelan-Douglas Health District put the two-county COVID rate for the last two weeks as of Monday at 94 per hundred thousand population.  That’s down from just over 100 last week.  On Tuesday, the health district reported 13 new COVID cases in Chelan County, and none in Douglas County.  49 new […]