[11/5/21] “Give Methow” Raises $650,000

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The Community Foundation of North Central Washington reported another record for its annual “Give Methow” campaign, which raised more than 650-thousand dollars last month. 38 nonprofits in the Methow Valley benefit from the campaign, which has distributed more than one-point-seven million dollars to nonprofits in the area since the program was started in 2015. The […]

[8/6/21] Housing Trust Official Honored

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Congratulations to Rachael Goldie, Executive Assistant at the Chelan Valley Housing Trust, on being named to the “30 Under 35” class of 2021 by the Wenatchee World.  Goldie, who’s a fourth-generation Chelan native, graduated from the Chelan School of Innovation in 2007 then got her degree in global studies at the University of Washington, with […]

[7/21/21] Senior Center Open Again

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Good news for seniors: the Chelan Senior Center is back open, and will be bringing back their programs gradually.  But they are open for lunch, as explained by Leanne Withersby with OCTN, Okanogan County Transportation and Nutrition, which provides the meals: You can either come in for your lunch at the Senior Center, or have […]

[7/1/21] Community Center Update

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You may have been driving past the construction site for the Community Center at Lake Chelan, and wondered, where’s all the construction?  The easy answer to that, according to Allan Meyer with the Seven Acres Foundation that’s spearheading the Community Center project, is COVID, and that has slowed every project down.  Yet, Meyer says things […]

[6/15/21] Bach Fest Returns For 40th Season

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Good news for music lovers – Bach Fest is back for its 40th year.  And even better news – it will be live. Last year, of course, it had to go virtual, along with everything else; this year, the concerts return to Riverwalk Pavillion, and wineries around the valley.  There will be virtual concerts with […]

[6/8/21] All About Goatheads

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‘Tis the season to be on the lookout for tribulus terristris – Puncturevines, also known as Goatheads.  The pesky little devils emerge this time of year, and if you’ve ever stepped on one, or had one flatten a bicycle tire, you know what rotten little things they are.  The Chelan County Noxious Weed Board will […]

[5/26/21] Big State Grant For Community Center Project

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A big boost for the Community Center at Lake Chelan, courtesy of the state.  12TH District State Representative Mike Steele on the grant coming to the Seven Acres Foundation: As for that process, Steele says it was quite involved – and lengthy: So what does the 2.5-million dollar grant mean to the Community Center project?  […]

[5/21/21] Surgery Needed For MOE Service Dog

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If you’re a dog lover, this one’s going to tug at your heartstrings: there’s a cute little dog who’s got an interesting backstory – and a bad leg.  And he needs your help.  His name is Chaokuay (CHAWK-way), and he’s a service dog at MOE Elementary.  Beth Vincent of All For Paws picks up the […]

[5/13/21] Wine and Jazz Festival Sold Out

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The Chelan Wine and Jazz Festival gets underway a week from today, and if you didn’t get a pass for it, there’s some bad news for you: it’s all sold out.  The festival’s marketing director, Holly Brown, says it’s the first time it has been sold out, and one reason for that is limiting the number […]

[5/11/21] City of Chelan Seeks “Ambassadors”

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The City of Chelan has been considering starting what you might call an ambassador’s program, consisting of volunteers to give a couple of hours, walk around downtown and act as a roving welcome wagon and visitor’s bureau.  The city is fleshing out the details on the program; Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde: What’s more, the mayor […]