[6/15/21] Bach Fest Returns For 40th Season

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Good news for music lovers – Bach Fest is back for its 40th year.  And even better news – it will be live. Last year, of course, it had to go virtual, along with everything else; this year, the concerts return to Riverwalk Pavillion, and wineries around the valley.  There will be virtual concerts with […]

[6/8/21] All About Goatheads

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‘Tis the season to be on the lookout for tribulus terristris – Puncturevines, also known as Goatheads.  The pesky little devils emerge this time of year, and if you’ve ever stepped on one, or had one flatten a bicycle tire, you know what rotten little things they are.  The Chelan County Noxious Weed Board will […]

[5/26/21] Big State Grant For Community Center Project

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A big boost for the Community Center at Lake Chelan, courtesy of the state.  12TH District State Representative Mike Steele on the grant coming to the Seven Acres Foundation: As for that process, Steele says it was quite involved – and lengthy: So what does the 2.5-million dollar grant mean to the Community Center project?  […]

[5/21/21] Surgery Needed For MOE Service Dog

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If you’re a dog lover, this one’s going to tug at your heartstrings: there’s a cute little dog who’s got an interesting backstory – and a bad leg.  And he needs your help.  His name is Chaokuay (CHAWK-way), and he’s a service dog at MOE Elementary.  Beth Vincent of All For Paws picks up the […]

[5/13/21] Wine and Jazz Festival Sold Out

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The Chelan Wine and Jazz Festival gets underway a week from today, and if you didn’t get a pass for it, there’s some bad news for you: it’s all sold out.  The festival’s marketing director, Holly Brown, says it’s the first time it has been sold out, and one reason for that is limiting the number […]

[5/11/21] City of Chelan Seeks “Ambassadors”

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The City of Chelan has been considering starting what you might call an ambassador’s program, consisting of volunteers to give a couple of hours, walk around downtown and act as a roving welcome wagon and visitor’s bureau.  The city is fleshing out the details on the program; Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde: What’s more, the mayor […]

[1/7/21] Okanogan County Jail Break

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Regional law enforcement officials are searching for two inmates who broke out of the Okanogan County Jail Tuesday morning. Fifty-three-year-old Christian M. White of Rock Island and 28-year-old Kristofer L. Wittman of Bellingham are believed to have escaped through the facility’s ventilation system after dislodging a ceiling tile in their cell. White had been incarcerated […]

[8/11/20] K9 Lando gets body armour

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Listen to Okanogan Sheriff’s sergeant Tait Everett tell KOZI about Lando and his new protective vest.

[7/6/20] Manson lifeguard rescues child over holiday weekend

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Listen to Manson Parks and Recreation Viki Downey tell KOZI about an Independence Day water rescue. AUDIO: :53 Photo courtesy of Viki Downey

[6/19/20] Manson Farmers Market opens tomorrow

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Listen to Sandy Miller of Manson tell KOZI about opening day at Manson’s Farmers Market.