[2/27/19] Cashmere School Threat

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Police are seeking felony threat charges against an 18-year-old Wenatchee man whose online comment about a school shooting led to a lockdown of Cashmere public schools last Friday.  Gerardo Tovar Medina allegedly told investigators he has contemplated violence against schools for two or more years, and characterized the comment as a joke, an angry outburst and a confession, according to a police affidavit filed in Chelan County Superior court.

Tovar has been jailed since Friday afternoon, when a report that morning of a shooting threat posted to social media caused the lockdown of all three Cashmere schools.  The lockdown wasa lifted two hours later.  Chelan County Sergeant Chris Foreman explains:

Tovar is a former Cashmere student who posted a comment to another Cashmere teen’s YouTube account, reading, “I was planning on shooting up your school.”  When Tovar realized police were trying to locate him, deputies said he called Cashmere High School and said it was a joke.  Tovar has lived in Wenatchee for about five years.  When interviewed by investigators at his home, he allegedly said he has endured suicidal thoughts, had searched online to study how past school shootings were carried out, and acquired tactical clothing for the purpose.

Police are seeking a charge of threats to bomb or injure property, which is a Class B felony with a potential prison term of up to ten years if convicted.