[3/19/19] Bump Stock Buy-Back

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Washington State residents have another opportunity this weekend to get paid for turning in their bump stocks before federal law banning the devices takes effect next Tuesday March 26.

Bump stocks replace the standard stock and grip of a semi-automatic firearm and allow the recoil of discharge to be used to fire the gun in very rapid succession. This simulates fully automatic fire and can be inaccurate and extremely dangerous.

Senate Bill 5954, signed into law earlier this year by Govenor Inslee, allows Washington residents the opportunity to turn in up to five bump stock type devices and receive $150 per device. The bill appropriates $150,000 for the program.

Individuals can visit the WSP office on Euclid Avenue in Wenatchee this Sunday and Monday March 24-25 between 10 AM and 4 PM to exchange their bump stocks for a voucher.

Individuals can also turn in their devices directly to other law enforcement agencies where they will receive a written receipt. They can then bring the receipt into the WSP office get a voucher for the $150. No checks will be issued the day an individual turns in their bump stock.

Once their voucher is processed, the WSP will mail individuals a check for $150 for each bump stock they turn in. There is a limit of five bump stocks per individual, and all vouchers will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the $150,000 appropriated in Senate Bill 5954 has been distributed, no more funds will be available.

Rules: You must be a Washington resident and have a valid mailing address. (an official Washington driver’s license and/or identification card is required)

More information can be found at: www.wsp.wa.gov/buyback