[3/1/18] Bridgeport School District Jumps On Board With School Resource Officer Concept

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The school shooting epidemic has put the topic of School Resource Officers front and center, both locally and nationally.

The US Department of Justice defines School Resource Officers, or SRO’s as sworn law enforcement officers responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools.

They are typically employed by local police or sheriff’s agency, and work closely with school administration in an effort to provide a safer environment for both students and staff.

Douglas County Sheriff, Harvey Gjesdal says the Bridgeport School District is the latest to buy into the SRO concept…

022818 DCSO SRO 1 :35 “…it’s going to go well.”

That’s Douglas County Sheriff, Harvey Gjesdal.

We are not aware if Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office has any School Resource Officers in place, but Chelan County Sheriff’s Office has its fair share…

022818 DCSO SRO 2 :15 “…to be in that position.”

That’s Chelan County Sheriff’s Sergeant Chris Foremen.

It is alleged that in the most recent Florida shooting, on campus School Resource Officers made the decision not to confront the shooter.

Sergeant Foreman says you will not see the same response in Chelan County…

022818 DCSO SRO 3 :26 “…that call ever comes out.”