[1/31/18] Brewster Man Sentenced For Armed Felony Harassment Of Bridgeport Student

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A 25 year old Brewster man will spend the next 19 months in prison….

013118 Bport HS Threat 1

That’s Douglas County Sheriff, Harvey Gjesdal commenting on an incident that occurred in December, 2016…

013118 Bport HS Threat 2

That was in December, 2016.

25 year old Armando Morales-Cervantes, of Brewster, paid a $25 thousand bond and was released from jail awaiting trial. He was also barred from contacting the woman, or possessing a firearm.

In August, 2017, he again began texting the girl, and threatening to harm her and her family- claiming he had a firearm.

Before authorities could arrested Morales-Cervantes for violating the terms of his release, he fled to California.

In December 2017, Los Angeles police arrested Morales-Cervantes and returned him to detention in the Okanogan County Jail.

Last Monday, 25 year old Armando Morales-Cervantes pleaded guilty to armed felony harassment before Douglas County Court Commissioner, Jill Wise.

She sentenced him to a 19 month prison sentence as recommended by prosecutors.