[1/4/22] Brewster Chamber Annual Letter

Posted in Business & Economy

The Brewster Chamber of Commerce released its 2021 President’s Summary last Thursday. Essentially an annual report, the letter reflects on the previous year, and the chamber’s plans for 2022. Brewster Chamber President Mike Mauk said the record heat over the fourth of July caused some changes in the event, but that all went well, and that an event application for this year’s parade and vendors at the park has been turned in, and hopes to have it approved at this month’s city council meeting.

Mauk called the Salmon Derby a huge success, and saw no need to change anything other than who is handling the ticket sales.

Mauk said there is an opportunity to give Brewster a major facelift thanks to money from the American Rescue Act, with 8 million dollars coming to Okanogan County and 513 thousand to the city of Brewster. He said the money can be used for signage, for facelifts to the buildings and sprucing up the downtown core.

Mauk also said his goal for 2022 is to get what he called “the 40-somethings” involved to take over the Brewster Chamber and bring back events the city used to have, like Bonanza Days, Pig Out in the Park and 48-hour softball tournaments. He said the Chamber has money but no drive, and needs young minds to do the planning and the work. He said the chamber is planning a town meeting to get the businesses and young business owners together and talking, sometime after the first of the year.