[12/14/18] Bomb Hoax

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Lake Chelan Community Hospital one of hundreds of businesses, agencies and institutions across the nation to receive email bomb threats Thursday. (121318) no credible threat found.

Who is behind the hoax isn’t known as it is extremely difficult to to trace the origin of such emails. The motivation is unclear. Cyber security experts say it could have been money or something more nefarious such as causing mass disruption.

The emails were all variants on a theme that the sender had hired a “recruited mercenary” to place an explosive device in the targeted building that would be detonated unless $20,000 in difficult-to-trace cyber currency was paid.

There were no reports that any actual explosives were discovered, but the threats alone cost thousands of dollars as buildings emptied and police departments scrambled to investigate the hoax. Lake Chelan Hospital issued the following press release Thursday evening.

Chelan, WA – Lake Chelan Community Hospital & Clinics (LCCHC) was one of many businesses and institutions across the United States and Canada that received email bomb threats Thursday, Dec. 13. According to an article on CNN, the FBI is aware of the threats and is working with law enforcement to provide assistance.

At LCCHC, workers who received emails responded by notifying the LCCHC IT Security Officer, who quickly identified the email’s source and level of threat and notified the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office. The Chelan County Sheriff Officer, LCCHC safety officer and clinic administrator did a visual inspection of both hospital buildings and the Lake Chelan Clinic. No credible threat was found.


Kozi Radio does not have a copy of the actual email sent to the hospital but multiple recipients reported receiving the following threat, which included the subject line, “I advise you not to call the police.”

My man carried a bomb (Hexogen) into the building where your company is located. It is constructed under my direction. It can be hidden anywhere because of its small size, it is not able to damage the supporting building structure, but in the case of its detonation you will get many victims.

My mercenary keeps the building under the control. If he notices any unusual behavior or emergency he will blow up the bomb.

I can withdraw my mercenary if you pay. You pay me 20.000 $ in Bitcoin and the bomb will not explode, but don’t try to cheat -I warrant you that I will withdraw my mercenary only after 3 confirmations in blockchain network.

Here is my Bitcoin address : 1GHKDgQX7hqTM7mMmiiUvgihGMHtvNJqTv

You have to solve problems with the transfer by the end of the workday. If you are late with the money explosive will explode.

This is just a business, if you don’t send me the money and the explosive device detonates, other commercial enterprises will transfer me more money, because this isnt a one-time action.

I wont visit this email. I check my Bitcoin wallet every 35 min and after seeing the money I will order my recruited person to get away.

If the explosive device explodes and the authorities notice this letter:
We are not terrorists and dont assume any responsibility for explosions in other buildings.

The bitcoin address included in the email was different in each message.

Investigators reported that numerous school districts across the country closed schools early yesterday (Thursday) in response to this hoax email threat.