[1/14/18] Bitcoin– What Is It?

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I don’t know about you- but, I don’t entirely understand what a bitcoin or a blockchain is.

I’m told a bitcoin is virtual currency that is created, owned and traded entirely on line in anonymous and unregulated settings. So, what about a blockchain?…

011018 Bit Coin 1 :21 “…it was created in 2009.”

That’s Malachi Salcito- Founder and Owner of Salcito Enterprises, of Wenatchee, which has been at the forefront of developing custom, high powered crypt o-currency data centers in central Washington…

011018 Bit Coin 2 :41 “…operator in the united states.”

Not everyone is buying into the bitcoin frenzy.

In fact, Billionaire investor, Warren Buffet says he isn’t interested in bitcoin- saying, “you can’t value bitcoin because it isn’t a value producing asset.”