[3/2/18] Bill Passage Could Help Create Young Lifelong Voters

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Voter turnout in Washington state, and across the country, is low… in some cases, pathetically low.

That has led some to believe that low voter turnout is a threat to democracy in the US.

Washington Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, is not going to accept that sitting down. Her office oversees a number of areas within state government, including managing state elections.

In an attempt to turn the tide of diminishing voter turnout, Wyman introduced House Bill 1513 which could improve young voter turnout across Washington State.

16 and 17 year old citizens are now more likely to become lifelong voters thanks to the legislature’s passage of Wyman’s Future Voter Program Bill.

She says she is grateful to members of the State Senate and House of Representatives who agreed on the policy that she expects will increase participation in Washington State elections.

House Bill 1513 requires high school social studies, civics and history teachers to coordinate voter registration events that coincide with Good Citizen’s Day, which falls annually around mid January.

Additionally, the Superintendent of Public Instruction must produce a program for teachers to use on Good Citizen’s Day.