[10/25/17] Bighorn Sheep Jumps And Lands On Windshield Near Knapps Tunnel

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Last Saturday, it rained cats and dogs – figuratively. On Tuesday, it rained sheep – literally…

102517 Bighorn Sheep 1 :10 “…landed on the car.”

That’s State Patrol Public Information Officer, Trooper Brian Moore…

102517 Bighorn Sheep 2 :29 “…result of the collision.”

Maybe we should add a Falling Sheep Festival to our annual Falling Cow Festival.

Ten years ago, a 600 pound cow fell about 200 feet and landed on the hood of a mini-van driving past Rocky Point between Manson and Chelan.

Since then, Lake Chelan Winery has hosted an annual Falling Cow Festival – usually in June. To say the least, it’s a unique festival. One of a kind. But, maybe there is room for one more….a Falling Sheep Festival.

All kidding aside, Trooper Moore wants drivers to keep an eye out for sheep between Chelan and Wenatchee…

102517 Bighorn Sheep 3 :09 “…through those areas.”