[12/18/15] Be Proactive With Delivered Packages

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There’s nothing more anxious than fretting over picking the perfect gift to mail only to worry whether it will get intercepted by a doorstop thief. Law enforcement across the state and country are reporting several disturbing incidents of package theft.

Chelan County Sheriff Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, shares the concern and has this warning…

Thankfully, for the Chelan Valley, this is a proactive warning- Huddleston says they have not yet received any reports of stolen packages…

To make sure your delivered packages don’t land in the wrong hands you can add signature confirmation to the order, have your package delivered to your local mail facility, or have it sent to your work address.

Officials also suggest having a trusted friend or family member pick up your packages for you.

If your package gets stolen, file a report with law enforcement immediately.