[11/26/21] Be Careful With Turkey Fryers!

Posted in Fire and EMS

Over the weekend, there was a house fire in East Wenatchee that was started from the hot oil of a turkey fryer. That has prompted Chelan County’s Fire Marshal Bob Plumb to issue a warning about using turkey fryers, which seemed to be all the rage some years ago, but that seems to have cooled off somewhat, perhaps some are avoiding them because of the reports of house fires around this time of year, of which Plumb says there is usually at least one, sometimes many. Plumb told KOZI he doesn’t think people are scared of turkey fryers:

If you plan to use a turkey fryer this year, Plumb says to measure the oil you put into the fryer carefully:

A good way to avoid that is measuring how much oil you’ll need beforehand by filling the fryer with water and putting the bird in, that will tell you how much oil you’ll need to use. Just remember to dry the bird off afterward, which leads us to the second big thing to remember:

And since our forecast has a chance of rain or snow, remember that when it his the hot oil it can splash or turn to steam, and that can cause burns. And where you use your fryer matters as well:

In essence, Plumb says if you’re using a turkey fryer use common sense.