[7/28/21] Avoiding “Smoke Season” in Your Home

Posted in Environment, Public Utility

For several years in North Central Washington, it’s been said that the year now has five seasons, the newest one called “Smoke Season.”  And it seems we’ve had an earlier start to it this year.  So how can you keep your house smoke-free?  The Chelan County PUD has some tips from Energy Efficiency Marketing Strategist Lacey Stockton.  She says there are two ways to prepare your home, one of them is to block off the places where smoke can sneak into your home, such as doors, windows, fans, and windows:

A second way to protect your home from smoke is to clean your air:

Chelan County PUD has a new section on its website dealing with keeping your home from being filled with smoke, it’s chelanpud.org/smoke.