[6/22/17] As The Weather Warms Up, Don’t Forget About Your Pups

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It’s summer and after a particularly long cool winter, we are all looking forward to sunshine, warmer temperatures and getting outdoors. As enjoyable as this time of year is for us, it’s important to play it safe when it comes to fun in the sun with the furry members of your family.

Two years ago that the Washington Senate unanimously passed a bill that makes leaving a pet locked in a car under dangerous conditions a civil offense – and as we embark into another summer season, Wenatchee Valley Humane Society is reminding the public to please leave your pets at home during the hot days ahead.

Sergeant Jody White, Director of Field Operations for Wenatchee Valley Animal Care and Control, says dogs typically want to go with you when you leave, but when it’s hot out- it’s not a good idea…

062117 Dogs In Cars 1 :35 “…even with bed liners.”

Our dogs have a higher body temperature than we do, and less ability to cool down.

White says, because of this, when the weather turns downright hot this summer– she suggests keeping your pets inside the house…

062217 Dogs In Cars 2 :33 “…take this very seriously.”

When a dog is overheating, can suffer critical damage to their brain, heart, liver and nervous system in a very short period of time…

062217 Dogs In Cars 3 :26 “…the dog regulated quickly.”

In the state of Washington,

People who leave an unattended animal in a car, or other enclosed space, where it might be harmed by heat, cold, or lack of water or fresh air will be subject to a $125 fine.

You can also be charged with animal cruelty, which is a felony offense.

The 2015 bill also authorized animal control officers and law enforcement to break in and rescue confined animals and clears them of liability for incidental property damage.