[10/4/17] Applications For Temporary Outfitter And Guide Permits On Methow And Tonasket Ranger Districts

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Applications are being accepted for temporary outfitter and guide permits as well as recreation event permits on the Methow Valley and Tonasket Ranger Districts. 


Each year, the Ranger Districts accept a limited number of recreation event and temporary outfitter and guide permit proposals.  Available permits include opportunities for guiding activities such as hiking, backpacking, and biking trips on National Forest Lands at specific locations in the western portion of Okanogan County.  Recreation Event permits would be for any temporary event, such as a race, run, ride, or tournament, which is organized, using National Forest System lands and facilities, and which an entrance fee is required to participate.


“The vast network of National Forests that surround many communities in the Pacific Northwest belongs to us all and contributes so much of what we need to support and enrich our lives,” said Mike Liu, Methow Valley District Ranger.  “Guides and outfitters play a key role in providing forest visitors with opportunities to experience our unique area.”


When individuals or organizations charge a fee to provide services on National Forest Lands, a permit is required.  The permit program encourages skilled and experienced individuals, organizations and companies to conduct events or outfitting and guiding activities in a manner that assures National Forest visitors receive services of high quality.  It also provides a mechanism for getting a fair value return for the use of National Forests in business ventures and ensures that the activities are conducted in such a way that the National Forests would continue to provide for us and future generations.


Permit costs are varied based on the unique circumstances for each permit.  Proposal packages are due October 31, 2017 for permits operating from April 1 through September 30, 2018.


Details about available permit locations and activities are online, along with forms and requirements for proposal packages: www.fs.usda.gov/detail/okawen/passes-permits/event-commercial/?cid=stelprdb5212644


For more information about the Special Use Permit program on the Methow Valley Ranger District, please contact Meg Trebon, Special Uses Coordinator at 509-996-4032.