[4/12/22] Americorps Team In Pateros

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A team of young people have arrived in North Central Washington to help with fire recrovery and an Early Learning Center in Pateros. The team is with Americorps, you can call it a domestic version of the Peace Corps – which is still around, by the way – it consists of 9 young men and women from across the country, eight of whom are making their first trip to Washington. But Americorps is no stranger to the area, according to Executive Director Carlene Anders:

The team will be working on the Treehouse, which, when it opens later this year, will be a licensed care early learning facility for kids up to 12 years old:

The team serves in Americorps N-Triple C – the National Civilian Community Corps, whose members range in age from 18 to 30, and serve ten-month residential programs to complete a variety of projects in the areas of education, disaster services, and the environment. The Treehouse is currently looking for board members; a fundraising barbecue is also planned for sometime this spring.