[5/11/22] Amateur Radio Event Set For May 21st

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You might have thought that with new technology such as the internet, emails, texting, twitter, Facebook and the like, that something as old and quaint as amateur radio, also known as ham radio, might have died off and gone away. But no – it is still a popular hobby around the world, and there’s going to be an amateur radio event in Okanogan County later this month. Mike Mauk, who is not only the president of the Brewster Chamber of Commerce, but also the president, treasurer, and secretary of the Okanogan County Amateur Radio Club, invites anyone who’s interested to come on out:

That event is Saturday May 21st, Mauk tells you where it is:

If you want to know more, you can get a hold of Mauk at the Brewster Chamber, or use the radio, Mauk’s call sign is W7MCM.