[6/8/21] All About Goatheads

Posted in Environment, Feature

‘Tis the season to be on the lookout for tribulus terristris – Puncturevines, also known as Goatheads.  The pesky little devils emerge this time of year, and if you’ve ever stepped on one, or had one flatten a bicycle tire, you know what rotten little things they are.  The Chelan County Noxious Weed Board will be sending out a flyer about goatheads in about a week; here’s the Board’s coordinator, Julie Sanderson:

Not only that, the little buggers are resilient and pervasive – and not prone to going away easily:

Sanderson says if you have some vacant land or a parking lot, consult with a professional weed control contractor who has some long-term solutions to the goathead problem.