[8/3/17] Air Quality Station In Chelan Reads Unhealthy For All- N95 Masks Available For Pick Up

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The good news: officials have made repairs to the air quality monitoring station in Chelan.

The bad news: now we know just how bad the air quality is in the valley.

It’s not good. But, it could be worse.

The City of Chelan has the only air quality monitor in the valley. It wasn’t functioning properly to start the week- but since the repair- it is reading an air quality of ‘unhealthy to all.’

That’s on a Department of Ecology scale that starts at ‘good’ and goes all the way to ‘hazardous.’

There is just one step between ‘unhealthy to all’ and ‘hazardous’: that’s ‘very unhealthy.’ We haven’t reached that yet.

So, now that we’ve confirmed our air quality is poor, what can we do about it?

We spoke with Carol McCormick, nursing director for the Chelan Douglas Health District…


McCormick says if you pull a standard dust mask out the drawer to combat the affects of smoke- it’s likely not doing you any good…


Here’s where you can find N95 masks at no cost:

Red Apple Market in Manson

Chelan Fire & Rescue on Wapato Ave

Chelan Sheriff’s Office on Emerson

Entiat City Hall

Okanogan County Emergency Management

• Oroville City Hall
• Tonasket City Hall
• Omak City Hall
• Omak Visitor Center
• Okanogan City Hall
• Okanogan County Public Health 2nd Ave. Okanogan
• Brewster City Hall
• Twisp City Hall

Health officials recommend you wear the N95 mask when outdoors- however the best advice they can give is to stay inside— with a few qualifiers…


For the latest information for air quality in your area go to: