[8/12/21] About Chelan County’s Housing Program

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According to the most recent surveys, Chelan County is about 500 homes short of having enough housing for all its residents. But that survey was before COVID, and so that number may be off just a bit. But even so, the county is in need of affordable, attainable housing. And a new county program is taking over for a City of Wenatchee housing program. Sasha Slayman is Chelan County’s Housing Program Coordinator:

One of Slayman’s main priorities going forward is to make affordable housing available in the county:

Slayman says the county has land, and some of it isn’t needed. Perhaps that land can go to groups like the Chelan Valley Housing Trust, or similar groups in Leavenworth and Wenatchee:

Slayman says people need to check out the work that Chelan Valley Hope is doing for homeless people, and what the Chelan Valley Housing Trust is doing for affordable housing in the area. If you want to contact Slayman, call the county commissioner’s office.