[5/4/17] AAA Releases Study Aimed At Reducing Fatality And Injury Accidents

Posted in Transportation

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has released a new study aimed at reducing the annual number of fatality and injury automobile accidents nationwide.

Jennifer Cook from AAA of Washington says the foundation’s research is often gathered through partnering with other entities that share a common mission…

050417 AAA Fatality Study 1 :23 “…our foundation does.”

Cook says the summary’s focus on improving overall road safety targets a half-dozen specific recommendations with the greatest potential to reduce both the likelihood and consequences of crashes…

050417 AAA Fatality Study 2 1:01 “…and preventing injuries.”

The findings are part of AAA’s ongoing efforts to urge state and local governments and the Trump Administration to assist in the creation of an Infrastructure Package on Deteriorating Roadways throughout the U.S….

050417 AAA Fatality Study 3 :33 “…from being injured”

AAA indicates that last year the United States again ranked last among high-income nations with its number of annual traffic fatalities.